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Ripped from the Headlines: New Releases that Blend Politics, Pop Culture, and Current Events

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Headline news changes as fast as it can, with each new viral video, political scandal or celebrity moment that’s caught on tape. But there are some headlines that stay with you, and over the past year we’ve definitely had a few we won’t be forgetting any time soon: from the beginnings of the Russia investigation, to The New Yorker‘s expose on Harvey Weinstein. While no one can predict the pace at which headline, breaking news is no longer worthy of being a headline, some events line up too perfectly for us not to comment on. Here we have a list of books on topics that have been dominating the news lately, whether they’re pop-culture, politics, or current events. War on Peace: The End…

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Rose McGowan to Release ‘Brave’ New Book on Harvey Weinstein and Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

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Rose McGowan has been very vocal in addressing sexual harassment in Hollywood, and specifically, against Harvey Weinstein, whom she says assaulted her in a hotel room in 1997. The two reached a settlement of $100,000, but that hasn’t stopped McGowan for speaking out in support of Weinstein’s other accusers. Since the news about Weinstein’s conduct, McGowan has been naming names: calling out people who knew and said nothing as well as those known to harass, including Ben Affleck. In one case where social media is used for good, McGowan has repeatedly tweeted about Weinstein’s history as a sexual predator. Her Twitter account was suspended for 12 hours after she posted information that violated the site’s community standards. Backlash was swift with…

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