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Tall Poppies Review: Brandi Megan Granett’s ‘Triple Love Score’

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Life is really a bunch of scrambled words—love, loss, joy, zest, quest (note to self: I possess the high-scoring j, z, and q tiles) and figuring out how they fit into our journey. In her page-turning love story Triple Love Score, Brandi Megan Granett introduces us to the smart and sexy Miranda, a complicated protagonist who is equally Old School and modern woman. In her late 20s, she teaches poetry by day, and by night she is secretly the social media sensation known as the “Blocked Poet”—whose visual poems about life, love, and special occasions are comprised of Scrabble tiles. And yes, Hallmark is jealous. In her heart, Miranda holds a burning candle for Scott, ‘The Boy Next Door,’ her…

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TED Talks: Amy Webb Hacks Online Dating!

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Valentine’s Day is coming up. Either you’re a romantic who loves all the hearts everywhere, or you’re not looking forward to your loneliness-induced hangover. Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day lover or hater, Amy Webb’s talk from TEDSalon NY 2013 will put a smile on your face. Webb, who specializes in big data, tells the story of the way she used her knowledge of algorithms to hack the online dating scene – with surprising results. This talk is undeniably hilarious, heartwarming and uplifting – the perfect way to greet one of the most dreamy and polarizing holidays. Recommended Reading: Data, A Love Story: How I Cracked The Online Dating Code To Meet My Match (Plume, 2014) Webb’s book tells largely the same story…

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