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Bookish: Ava Dellaira on ‘In Search of Us’ and the Invisible Inheritance of Our History

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. Ava Dellaira’s sophomore novel, In Search of Us, explores the importance of personal and family history through the lives of two young women. The narrative jumps between the past and the present to weave together the stories of Marilyn, a white teen who struggles to be what her mom wants her to be, and Angie, Marilyn’s biracial 17-year-old daughter who is searching for her father. We had the opportunity to talk with Dellaira about the importance of shared history, her relationship with her mom, and how pregnancy changed how she viewed her own novel. Bookish: Through Angie and Marilyn, you explore the idea that to know ourselves we must know our history (the history of our…

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