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Rivers of Gold

The Voice of Dunn Books: Peter Heather, author of The Fall of the Roman Empire

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ADAM DUNN is the author of the novels Rivers of Gold, The Big Dogs, and Saint Underground, the forthcoming novel The Unfathomable Deep, and co-writer (with Eric Anderson) of the forthcoming novel Osiris. He spent years as a freelance writer cultivating networks among the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and financial communities. His byline has appeared in 18 publications in 4 countries. Including: CNN and BBC News (online); Inc., Paper, SOMA, and Publishers Weekly magazines (glossy); and the San Francisco Chronicle and South China Morning Post (newsprint). He and his family have left New York City. PETER HEATHER is a leading academic authority and historian on the Roman Empire and author of The Fall of the Roman Empire. He is a professor…

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Video: Author Adam Dunn Discusses His Trilogy the ‘More’ Series

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Tech noir author Adam Dunn opens up about his trilogy, the More series, in this interview with BookTrib, answering some key questions and setting up a story that I promise will keep you on the edge of your seats. Rivers of Gold, The Big Dogs and Saint Underground make up the More series: a strange, twisted ride through dystopian New York City, filled with police chases and kinky sex all wrapped up in a grossly funny narrative. After reading the first two novels and listening to the third on Audible, I was lucky enough to sit down with Dunn to ask him about his process and how he went about constructing such a disturbing, believable world; A world he believes our society might…

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