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John Grisham Interviews Richard Howorth on This Week’s ‘Book Tour’

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John Grisham has invited book lovers and writers alike to listen to his podcast, ‘Book Tour with John Grisham’. So far he has made stops along the way, speaking with some of our favorite authors and more in bookstores across the U.S. Today, we stop with John Grisham at Square Books in Oxford, MS, with famous names like Richard Howorth, Ace Atkins, and Tom Franklin. Richard Howorth is actually one of the founders of Square Books and has received many awards for his upkeep. In 1986, he received the Charles S. Hallam Award for Excellence in Bookselling and in 2013, Publishers Weekly awarded the store the ‘Bookseller of the Year’ award. He speaks with Ace Atkins, who is a popular American…

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