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Lord of the Flies Meets National Treasure: 7th Grade Revolution Puts Kids in Charge

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On Halloween, the entire 7th grade of Washington Academy Middle School is brought together for an assembly and told there has been a successful revolution. The students will now make all the decisions for the 7th grade and the only requirements is that they must stay within state and federal law. However, outside of those parameters, everything else is fair game. Immediately, leaders emerge, groups are formed and the students try to determine how best to manage their newfound power. A revolution is not the only exciting event to take place this Halloween, the students also discover a hidden cavern beneath their school where the loyalties of our Founding Fathers are questioned and the history books might not be giving…

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Elliot Ackerman Has Endless Inspiration for ‘Dark At the Crossing’

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Here is an author whose fiction cannot be separated from his life, or, if you indulge me, whose novels are based on his life. Once a marine, with an impressive five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Elliot Ackerman is now a journalist based in Istanbul, from where he has been covering the Syrian Civil War since 2013. Dark at the Crossing, Ackerman’s sophomore novel, after his much-heralded debut novel, Green on Blue, like its predecessor, deals with characters trapped in the middle of a brutal conflict. The conflict here is not just the obvious Syrian debacle, but also the one of a failed marriage. Ackerman comments on the genesis of the novel as an insight he had while…

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