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Tall Poppies Review: Perfectly Timed, Socially Relevant, “What Happened That Night” Is a Must-Read

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Perfectly-timed and socially-relevant, What Happened That Night by Sandra Block is a page-turning thriller that will satisfy readers of Lisa Scottaline and Jessica Knoll. This story is an emotional and twisting ride that follows Dahlia and her new friend James on a journey of payback and justice for an unquestionably terrible act of violence. Dahlia is a student at Harvard when she is drugged and brutally raped by a string of attackers during a night out partying with her best friend. Five years later in what seems like a surprising twist of circumstances, someone leaks the video of the assault on-line, and Dahlia discovers what really happened on that awful night, getting a shocking look at her attackers and what they did…

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