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Repeat Until Rich

Josh Axelrad’s ‘Repeat Until Rich’ is a Spirited Journey into Casino Life

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Are you ready for suspense and adventure as one man’s journey plunges us into casino life? Josh Axelrad is already out of his element on page one and continues slightly off-balance throughout the whole of his memoir. He runs from the cops, hides in the bushes, disguises himself with wigs and sunglasses, straps wads of money to his body, and narrowly avoids going to jail. All apparently necessary— but he hasn’t done anything illegal. At least not yet… Repeat Until Rich is the highly entertaining and yet unbelievable story of ex-Wall Street exec Josh Axelrad’s four short years as a professional blackjack card counter. Enticed into the noisy, fluorescent world of America’s casinos, Axelrad surfed through his apprenticeship, experienced successes…

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