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‘Red Sparrow’: Jennifer Lawrence’s New Film is in Theaters and the Final Book in the Trilogy is in Stores

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Red Sparrow (Scribner Books), the first book in Jason Matthews’ trilogy is a seductive tale of espionage and intrigue just ripe for Hollywood. Sparrow is a dark thriller about a Russian ballerina-turned-spy who infiltrates “Sparrow School,” a facility where students are taught to use sex as both a weapon and information-gathering technique. The book is a thrilling ride of suspense and emotion, it’s no wonder Hollywood actually did come knocking on Matthews’ door in 2013 with offers of turning his words into a cinematic masterpiece that book lovers and movie-goers, alike, will find engaging. Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton, makes its theatrical debut today on the heels of some very mixed, but mostly favorable reviews across Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and Washington…

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