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Meet ThrillerFest 2017 Debut Author David McCaleb and his Bestseller ‘Recall’

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David McCaleb THRILLERFEST 2017 Debut authors RECALL

David McCaleb is today’s ThrillerFest 2017 debut author! Read on to find out more about his military thriller, Recall, and the heart-wrenching way he’d kill off his protagonist! BookTrib: If you were on death row, what would be your last read? Why?  David McCaleb: If I were languishing on death row, eating my final meal of nachos piled with guacamole, my last read would be Psalm 23. Why? Being executed, trivial as it may seem to some, would stress me out. Yes, we’re all dying – some of us faster than others – but the process isn’t anything I look forward to. Plus, I don’t like needles, and my third novel’s edits aren’t complete, and I don’t know if my book contract contains…

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