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Unbelievable eye-popping sculptures — WIN: Pumpkins by Ray Villafane

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For most of us, carving pumpkins consists of primary shapes and trying not to cut our fingers off. But for Villafane Studios, pumpkin carving is truly an art form. For the past eight years they’ve been turning pumpkins into celebrity portraits, eye-popping tableaux, and 3D masterpieces that have earned them fans around the world. They’re also regulars on the Food Network Channel, where they carve pumpkins for millions of viewers every year.And their growing fame is more than justified—Villafane has taken our idea of the traditional jack-o-lantern and turned it on its head, creating pumpkins that are mind-blowing works of art. We recently chatted with Ray Villafane, founder of Villafane Studios and sculptor-extraordinaire. Read on to find out his inspirations…

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