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New Month, New Season, New Reads: 16 New Books for Spring

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March arrived this week and none too soon! Last month we weathered tragedy, scandal and tepid weather conditions.  While many problems of the last month will follow us into the new month, there is hope— there is always hope. This week, hope comes not in the form of Hope Hicks, who departed her position as White House Communications Director yesterday, but in the hope and promise of what’s new in books this coming Spring! We have compiled a list of this week’s 16 Must-Have Books for Spring you will want to add to your collection. The new book by The Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb will challenge reality and have you rethinking your conventional ways of living; Michelle McNamara and Gillian…

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The Silence Breakers: 5 Books Inspired by Time’s Person of the Year

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The 2017 Time Person of the Year was announced last week and it could not have gone to anyone more deserving: the silence breakers. For the past few months, more and more women (and men!) have come forward, sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of some of the most powerful men in our culture. From politicians to movie producers, these people have continually used their power and clout in ways that pressured and compromised those less powerful than them. In the past, women and men who came forward have been shunned, ignored or silenced. But this year, they’ve managed to start a revolution, unseating men from the most prestigious positions and demanding that they be…

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