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Multiple Themes for Rabbi’s Scribe In “The Weight Of Ink”

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The Weight Of Ink (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) by Rachel Kadish tells the story of Ester Velasquez, an emigrant from Amsterdam who becomes a scribe for a blind rabbi in London in the 1600s right before the plague.  At the same time we learn about Helen Watt, a close-to-retiring British historian working on translations of some 17th century documents signed by scribe “Aleph.” Even though these women lived in different centuries, both were strong and determined to pursue their interests, fought to be heard, and chose a life to satisfy their minds with sacrifice of the heart. Ester is a product of the Portuguese Inquisition, and although displaced with little family, she feels at home with her job as a scribe for…

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Fables, Fairytales and Folklore: Discussing ‘The Rules of Magic’ with Alice Hoffman

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Alice Hoffman is the New York Times bestselling author of Practical Magic, which inspired the cult-classic film by the same name starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. In this week’s episode of Just the Right Book Podcast, the New York native joins Roxanne to discuss witches, feminism, family secrets, and her latest book, The Rules of Magic. The book which is set in New York City in the sixties is a prequel to Practical Magic and was picked by Reese Witherspoon for her October 2017 Book Club read. The actress and book lover described the story as “full of magic, love, family, heartbreak and redemption.” When asked what attracted her to witches and magic, Alice Hoffman reveals how she grew…

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