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LGBTQ Reads: Jazz Jennings and Kody Keplinger Among Authors Embracing Pride Month

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June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month, and in light of the upcoming election and the tragedy that occurred in Orlando, reading books about LGTBQ characters is more important than ever. Ten years ago it was almost impossible to find queer main characters in popular literature, with readers often needing to seek out indie titles or search through self-published e-books to find non-heteronormative stories. But lately there has been a boom in LGBTQ publishing, particularly in genres like Young Adult literature. And while we definitely still have a long way to go, it’s clear that readers are clamoring for more and more books that celebrate the LGBTQ community. So as we close out Pride Month, we thought it only fitting…

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#LoveWins but the Struggle for Transgender Rights is Just Beginning

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The Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right is a great victory for the LGBTQI community and for everyone who believes in freedom and equality for all human beings. It is a defeat for the forces of bigotry and ignorance and particularly for people who believe that freedom of religion includes the freedom to discriminate. It does not. We are indeed making great progress. At the same time it is clear that there is so much more to do. As a result, I’m sure that while many of us have been celebrating, we have also spent a good deal of time assessing where we stand in the ongoing struggle for freedom and equality for all members of…

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