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It’s #NationalPumpkinDay! Celebrate Your Favorite Fall Flavor

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Have you prepared your Jack-O-Lantern Halloween yet? We hope so, because today is #NationalPumpkinDay, a day to celebrate the pumpkins that line everyone’s yards and make up some of our favorite desserts! Did you know that every year, the US produces more than 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins? Now that you’ve learned a new fun fact, we have some pumpkin-related suggestions for new reads, that will spook you and leave you in stitches: Pumpkins in Paradise, Kathi Daley You will be surprised by how a mystery novel and #NationalPumpkinDay fuse together so well in the first part of a 7-part TJ Jensen Mystery Series, but it’s bound to have you at the edge of your seat! TJ Jensen has a…

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The Basic Bitch Exists in Books and We Have Five Favorites

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Fall is the season of basic bitches: pumpkin spice everything, infinity scarves, knee-high boots and scented candles that smell like “Autumn Wreath.” A basic bitch devours these things, or at least Instagrams herself with them on the regular: #lovingfall #pumpkins #uggsarewarm. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, let me educate you: a basic bitch is a girl with no real distinct personality, who loves anything that’s popular and paints her life as an endless stream of duck-face selfies while clutching a Starbucks latte. We all know a basic bitch—hell, sometimes we are basic bitches (pumpkin spice just tastes sooo good!). And basic bitches have been around a lot longer than you’d think: they’ve been cropping up in our books for…

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