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Emily Cavanagh Found ‘Lucky You’ to be Dark and Captivating

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Lucky You by Erika Carter is a the kind of book you get lost in. This is rarely a good thing, in that the world she has created is not one most of us care to visit. However, it makes for an absorbing and captivating read. Ellie, Chloe and Rachel are three college friends (kind of—Ellie and Chloe don’t really like each other very much) who find themselves thrown together in a rambling house in the middle-of-nowhere-Arkansas. Rachel and her boyfriend of the moment are living in a house that belongs to his family while trying to live off the land and consume less. Rachel convinces Chloe and Ellie to come live in the house, and as both are drifting…

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My New York Literary Agent Literally Arrived on My Doorstep

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As I was furiously writing my memoir, at times it would cross my mind what I was going to do with it when I was finished. What were the next steps in birthing a book? At my first writer’s retreat, I was told not to worry about those details but instead get it all on paper. I was obedient and wrote and wrote until I had reached 100,000 words. And then I stopped. I had gone as far as I could without specifically seeking a literary agent. So, it was “done.” I now had a full-blown project and it was time to go to the place where I find all the answers and next steps. I know it may sound…

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