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“Executive Force:” Political Thriller With Intricate Plot

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How does an international political thriller open? With a sniper putting the cross-hairs of a 6.5 Creedmore Bolt-Action Rifle on a politician’s forehead in a sleepy New England town and squeezing the trigger? With an operative cutting a fence, breaking into LAX, making his way across the runway, posing as a TSA officer, getting into a plane and successfully putting a bag in the overhead compartment?  With an autopsy on a U.S. Senator in Kansas City revealing ricin poisoning?  With a spy inserting a malware-laden thumb drive into the computer of a Whale Class ballistic missile submarine docked at Yuktae-dong, North Korea? Yes, any of these would make great openings – and all of these can be found in Executive…

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Female Empowerment Soars in These Books Featuring Strong Women Worthy of Miss Sloane Status

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We’re always excited about a new movie featuring a strong female lead, which is why we absolutely can’t wait to see Miss Sloane, a political thriller that comes out this Friday, November 25. The film stars Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloane, a lobbyist in Washington who’s considered one of the best. She’s also one of the most cutthroat and will do anything to win. But when she takes on the formidable gun industry, she’s picking one of the biggest battles of her life. One that might even put her life on the line. *CHILLS EVERYWHERE* We can already tell that Sloane is going to be a Claire Underwood-type character (from House of Cards): ruthless, tough and the kind of woman…

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