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Is Nick Tosches’ Under Tiberius the Most Controversial Book of 2015?

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OK, this is going to piss people off. We’ve seen plenty of stories over the years that have retold “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” The life of Jesus Christ has been recast time and again, and with each retelling, the condemnation ranged from anywhere between annoyed murmuring to full-throated shouts. Remember when director Martin Scorsese had the nerve to suggest that Jesus struggled with the all-too-human traits of anxiety, depression and lust in the film The Last Temptation of Christ? Christians literally took to the streets in protest. That’s nothing compared to what might be the reaction to Nick Tosches’ new novel, Under Tiberius (Little, Brown & Co., August 4, 2015). Tosches himself becomes a character in the book and…

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