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The Best of 2017: Booktrib’s Weekly Countdown to the End of the Year

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As the year is winding down to a close (there are only six weeks left!), we’re looking back at 2017, and everything it’s brought us. There have been some pretty crazy moments, some terrible moments, but also some great moments: Colin Kaepernick took taking a knee to a national level; we had a complete solar eclipse in the middle of August; and the first American woman won the women’s division of the NYC Marathon since 1977. These are just a few of the memorable moments from the best of 2017 that we’ve had, and that’s not even including the books. The books of 2017 have covered a variety of genres  and topics; some are older, and some brand new: Margaret Atwood’s The…

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Undisclosed is One of Three True Crime Podcasts We’re Devouring

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As soon as I listened to season one of Serial two years ago, I was hooked on true crime. There’s just something strangely compelling about a real-life mystery unfolding before your eyes – despite the potentially gruesome subject matter. And I’m not alone. From the success of documentaries like Making a Murderer to the 20th anniversary of JonBenét Ramsey’s death in 2016, true crime has been everywhere the last few years. My mother finds this deeply unsettling. ‘Who wants to hear about that horrible stuff?’ she often asks. Umm, me and pretty much everyone else on earth. Not only are these often crazy, interesting stories, but there’s a voyeuristic quality that’s both horrifying and fascinating. It’s our greatest fears come to life,…

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5 Podcasts That Will Drive Book Lovers Wild

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The Metro-North train to New York City is squealing atop a bridge as I flip restlessly through my iPhone. I’m on the way to The Matthew Corozine Acting Studio in Manhattan to perform in the end-of-the-year showcase. And I’m doing everything in my power to stop the retching nerves throbbing in my gut. I decide what I really need is a good story, a quick one-off to take my mind off things. I start looking for podcasts. There’s a smattering of paranormal tales, some comedy, and children’s bedtime stories, but none of them satisfy my longing to be completely distracted from myself. After a little more digging and some search-term modification, I end up tapping into a world that completely…

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