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‘Laura Meets Jeffrey’: An X-Rated ‘Literary’ Love Story

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James Wolcott in “Vanity Fair”: “Jeffrey Michelson’s reflections on fighting and fucking are like a bolt of bourbon, a careening chronicle of orgies, S&M, hanging and banging with the stars, and related calisthenics.” Anka Radakovich in “British GQ”: “Laura Meets Jeffrey” is a fascinating nonfiction “erotic memoir.” Jeffrey Michelson chronicles the wildest, most intense sexual scene in New York City’s history. This book is raunchy, dirty and disgusting. I couldn’t put it down.” Norman Mailer from his foreword: “Objective, funny, salacious, and perversely—dare I say it—uplifting!” For Valentine’s Day, I offer you “Laura Meets Jeffrey,” a hot, wild, real-life memoir. I do so, however, with a warning. Reviewers have called it “undeniably brilliant” and Norman Mailer called it “literature,” but this…

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