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5 Literary Picnic Ideas from Fictitious Dishes’ Dinah Fried

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A picnic is the metaphor for the perfect day — unless it isn’t. Too often, picnics are sadly devoid of inspiration. How many times can you drag the old picnic basket under the same tree, stuck with the same ol’ scenery and the same boring ol’ chips and dip? We’re here to save the day with some ideas from the great literary masters, some of whom have written about beautiful – and wildly diverse – picnics. From Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse to that wonderful classic The Wind in the Willows, eating al fresco has never been more intriguing. It also helps to have the input of Dinah Fried, author of Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals (Harper Books, 2014). She came up…

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