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Frightened and Flustered: The Books You Read Too Young

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BookTrib is partnering with Early Bird Books to bring you more great content, including this article about some of your favorite novels as a teenager. Read on for more! A few weeks ago, an Early Bird Books meeting devolved into a passionate discussion about the books we stuffed under our mattresses, read by flashlight, and bought with our weekly allowances. Hilarity ensued. But after realizing our souls were similarly (and eternally) corrupted by Flowers in the Attic, we quickly realized we wanted to hear your answers, too. We were so excited to see your responses—yes, we did read all of them!—and hear about your innocent acts of bookish rebellion. While Judy Blume, VC Andrews, and Peyton Place seemed to have ruffled the most pre-tween feathers, there were a couple…

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Remembering Ruby Dee, originator of America’s great book-to-stage roles

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Ruby Dee was one of the leading women of the American stage whose gifted artistry, unwavering dedication to her values and generous spirit made her an icon in her profession and out in the greater world. In a career that spanned seven decades and all major media forms, Ruby Dee solidified her place as an icon. The consummate performer, she brought life to many literary works, including Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, Grace Metalious’ Peyton Place and John William Corrington’s Decoration Day. From her Oscar-nominated portrayal of Frank Lucas’ feisty mother in American Gangster to her role as loyal, yet justifiably worried Rachel Robinson in The Jackie Robinson Story, Ruby Dee delivered some of the finest performances on…

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