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October Thrills and Chills: Jon Land’s Suspenseful Selections

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This October, be sure to get in the mood of all things spooky and suspense with thriller writer Jon Land’s selected highlights. Dracula, cyber warfare, and much more in his thriller round-up. In these days of perpetual political distraction, Red War (Atria) seems especially well-timed. That’s because Kyle Mills latest take on the late Vince Flynn’s seminal Mitch Rapp series serves up the ultimate distraction in the form, potentially, of World War III. Russia’s Putin-esque president, you see, is dying of cancer. So what better way to cling to power in his waning days than to start a war? With the world sitting on a true precipice, once again it’s left to Rapp to pull us back from the edge,…

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43 Thrillers: Everything You Need To Know For This Fall

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As a reviewer and insider, Ryan Steck has been called “the Godfather of the thriller genre.” In this first contributed piece to BookTrib, Ryan names every thriller hitting the bookshelves this fall that genre aficionados should know about. Visit Ryan at www.therealbookspy.com. With half of this summer’s biggest titles already in bookstores, we’re turning our attention to fall, which is shaping up to be action-packed and full of suspense. Anytime you get new books starring Mitch Rapp, Harry Bosch, James Bond, Jack Reacher, and Stephanie Plum over the course of just a couple months, you know it’s going to be a good time. Check out all the must-read thrillers coming out this fall below. Happy reading!   Red War(Atria)by Kyle Mills Release…

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