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Finding Your Muse To Overcome Writer’s Block: Awakening the Creative Spirit Within

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People sometimes ask me if I ever get writer’s block. I guess they think it’s romantic. They imagine a tortured author sitting at the keyboard, head in hands, trying to summon the muse.  I wish I did have a muse, to be honest. It would make my life a whole lot easier. How exactly does a muse work?  Would she sit on my shoulder?  Would I hear creative whisperings in my ear? Or a stirring in my stomach? Can there be male muses? How did this muse thing get started anyway? With a hot love affair and a myth. The original muses were the product of a nine-day fling between Zeus and the Goddess of memory, Mnemosyne. Each night of…

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If You’re Going to Desert Trip, You Want to Read Chris Formant’s ‘Bright Midnight’

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Author Chris Formant has a crazy theory: what if the 27 Club’s Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan and Jim Morrison were all murdered? His upcoming novel, Bright Midnight (Highline Editions, November 9, 2016) takes readers on a journey with an aging rock journalist coming across explosive evidence behind the truth of the Myth of 27. His book transports us to a period in time saturated in mystery and modern American mythology. Much of the mystique of the wandering troubadour lives on in the souls of today’s aged rockers. Rock ‘n’ roll music has changed drastically with the emergence of punk, grunge, emo and alternative. Millennials like myself remember the days listening to the biggest hits of the…

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