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From ‘First Blood’ Until Now, David Morrell Shares His Journey

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David Morrell shakes his head when someone tells him he was an overnight success. Yes, he had a book contract signed shortly after submitting his thriller, First Blood, to his agent, Henry Morrison. And within a year his fame was worldwide. Many dream, but few accomplish what he did. But his route to success was long and winding. He dedicated 12 years of his life, trying to learn to write and complete his first novel—much of it, he admits, was wasted. For eight of those years, he was a university student (undergrad and grad) and learning to write the wrong way, he says. After much rejection, he discovered he had to re-learn what he thought he already knew. It all…

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Better and faster ideas from TrendHunter creator Jeremy Gutsche – “Win It”

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“A New Breed of Trendspotter” In today’s world, the traditional concept of innovation itself seems to be too slow to keep up with the changes that we see happen every day. The next great idea, the next big trend, seems to fade and vanish as soon as the spotlight hits it. In this kind of environment, how does one reach his or her full potential? How can you find the big ideas that will help you outstrip your competitors? These were the questions that plagued author, innovation expert and entrepreneur Jeremy Gutsche. “For years, I searched for my own entrepreneurial idea, but like many people, I never found one that seemed exactly right,” Gutsche writes in his latest book. “By age…

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