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AuthorBuzz Giveaway: Suspenseful Stories

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An intriguing mystery, a heart-thumping thriller, and a thought-provoking novel are all excellent selections for this week’s AuthorBuzz giveaway. Dear Reader, I’m very excited The Frangipani Tree Mystery is coming out in paperback. The smart, unconventional Su Lin is very loosely based on my grandmother who was the first girl in her province to go to university. She loved trees and stories and I’m sure she would have loved the chance to investigate a dead woman found under a frangipani tree. I based Inspector Le Froy on her hero, Inspector Rene Onraet, who set up Singapore’s Special Branch. Please email [email protected] to win one of five copies. Ovidia Yu https://www.ovidiayu.com/   Dear Reader, Tanzanite. This rare blue-violet gemstone piqued my curiosity and inspired the second Alex Graham thriller, Blue Fire. A daring act reveals an incredible…

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