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“Olicity” Watch: Oliver Pops the Question — and the End of ‘Olicity’?!

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! OMGEEEEEE. After last week’s Flarrow disaster, the “Olicity” fandom really needed a win this week, and—oh boy, did we get one! Unfortunately, we also got blood. Lots and lots of blood. But before that came kisses and proposals, so let’s focus on the good from Arrow’s midseason finale, 4×09: Dark Waters: Recap: A worried Oliver decides to out Damien Darhk as a villain to the public and the backlash is predictably terrible. Darhk crashes their holiday party, kidnaps Felicity, Thea and Diggle, and tries to gas them to death in front of Oliver. We learn that his plan is to basically gas all of Star City to death. Yikes. You have to hand it to the Arrow…

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