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A Novel in 10 Years: One Author’s Journey To Get It Done

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Novel in Ten Years

I had just attended my 30th high school reunion and come to the realization that my life was slipping away. Here I was, almost 50, and I still hadn’t accomplished my life’s dream. “I will write a novel before the next reunion,” I told myself. I just needed an idea. I’d spent decades as a newspaper reporter and doing PR professional writing about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I should have been brimming with ideas, but nothing had grabbed me. I stole a weekend to be alone with my laptop at the family beach house on Guemes Island. I got to the ferry dock in Anacortes but missed the boat. The muse works in mysterious ways. I passed a lovingly…

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How Life Led Robin Finn to Write Her First Novel and Discover a Village of Support

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Author and essayist Robin Finn is an advocate for children with ADHD/2e. Over time, Finn has discovered that she’s not the only one going through the challenges she’s faced as a parent raising a child with ADHD. Here Robin Finn talks about her journey, her writing process and how she found an outlet through writing. My author journey started when I began writing personal essays about parenting a child with special challenges. To my surprise, when these essays appeared in The Washington Post, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and other outlets, readers responded. My inbox was flooded with emails from parents having a similar experience. One of the most challenging aspects of writing about raising a child with ADHD was not letting it…

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Marie White Small, Winner of When Words Count, Shares Her Journey

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In September 2012, I came across a sweepstakes announcement inviting writers to apply for a free three-day stay at a mountaintop writer’s retreat in Central Vermont. Contests were seldom on my radar but given that the destination, When Words Count Retreat, was two hours from my home in southern Vermont, I filled in the sweepstake form and quickly forgot about it. A month later I received an email telling me I had won. Won what? I wondered. Another gander at the retreat’s website and a phone call later, I found myself in two weeks time meandering north, around farmyard bends that wound through Route 100, trailing the caps along the White River. A prescient thought nagged at me: somehow this…

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