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Secret Agent Style for your Mission Impossible Date

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In another lifetime, I would have been a spy. Well, probably not—but a girl can dream, right? I can just picture myself in a slinky dress with a dark wig, sitting at a blackjack table and staring down some James Bond lookalike. OK, so maybe I only want to dress like a secret agent. And after watching the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer, who can blame me? Just look at the chartreuse dress Rebecca Ferguson is wearing while she takes down bad guys. Secret agents get all the good outfits. Which is why I’ve put together four outfits inspired by the very best spy movies or television shows around: Mission Impossible Spy Style 1 by rachelcarterya featuring a wrap…

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Screen romances for all your moods

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Nothing says “I love you” like watching someone you don’t know (i.e. a movie star) say it to someone else you don’t know (as in, another movie star). But we fall in love at the movies, with the movies, and sometimes we wish we could break the celluloid barrier and join (or break up) a happy couple. And luckily the silver screen gives us romance in all its forms, so here (in chronological order to avoid squabbling over rankings) is a 14-piece starter kit for your movie romance. If you’re into unrequited love, sweeping (fake) shots of Atlanta burning at the hand of those damn Yankees, and a heroine as feisty as they come, try Gone with the Wind (1939).…

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