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DATELINE November 16, 1907 — “Masters of the New Football”

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Not only “masters,” the Carlisle Indians are moneymakers. When it comes to box-office draw, they’re No. 1 in the nation, taking in $45,000 at the gate in 1907 (President Roosevelt’s salary is $50,000.) Why such a draw? Every “footballist” in America wants to see how a crew of ingenious Indians from the little Carlisle Indian School are making big time changes to how football is played. When Carlisle traveled to the Midwest (the “Wild West of Football”) and took on the University of Minnesota, more than 8,000 fans crammed into Northrop Field (above; look above the left goal post – two guys on a power pole!). The game was a perfect matchup: old-school football vs. new-school football. Minnesota’s two scores…

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