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Gentleman Prefer Books: Flirty Marilyn Monroe Reads

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BookTrib is partnering with Early Bird Books to bring you more great content, including this article on the 55th anniversary of Marilyn’s death. We’re turning to the books that reveal the woman behind the glamour who led a troubled, but extraordinary life. In June of 1926, a girl named Norma Jeane was born to an unknown father and flapper mother. Within a span of ten years, she became an orphan—shuffled around the California foster care system. But by the mid-1940s, she started signing contracts with Hollywood’s most famous studios. This marked the end of Norma Jeane, the orphan, and herald the arrival an American icon and sex symbol: Marilyn Monroe. It’s been 55 years since Marilyn died, but time has done nothing to weaken her hold…

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