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BookTrib Exclusive: Brad Meltzer on Magic and the Secret Service in ‘The Escape Artist’

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Magic tricks and the Secret Service may not seem like they have a lot on common, but Brad Meltzer’s new thriller,  The Escape Artist proves otherwise. When a body is found on a plane that fell from the sky, the military quickly identifies the dead woman as Artist-in-Residence Nola Brown.  However, one man, Zig— who has a special connection to Nola— uncovers Nola’s secret: not only is she still alive, but she’s on the run. The witness to something she was never supposed to see, there are more than a few people who would love nothing more than to make sure that Nola disappears permanently. Working together, Zig and Nola do whatever it takes to expose the trickery and deciet by the…

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