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These Adorable Animals Reading Will Get You Through Any Work Week!

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It’s Monday folks! Now, before you go drowning your back-to-work blues in a pot full of coffee and sugary donuts (I’m not opposed to that method, by the way), let’s ease into the work week — following a long holiday weekend — with a compilation of animals reading, because really, why not?! And not just any animals, but the cutest, most adorkable little furry, fuzzy, feathery friends ya ever did see. I  mean, everyone knows animals can talk– so they most definitely know how to read. Like, duh! Note: Bunnies were not included in this epic list because they give me the creeps, with their beady eyes and twitchy nose… (Yes, I’m quoting Buffy the Musical right now… shhh, don’t judge me). Anywho, here…

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