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‘He Never Deserved Me’: Marrying for Culture, Not Love is a Recipe for Disaster

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Sometimes, things are not exactly what they seem to be. When we were writing He Never Deserved Me, the subject came up of how I ended up marrying my husband. My best friend kept on saying that it was an arranged marriage and I would explain to her that it wasn’t. Why don’t you be the judge of that? In my society, it was understood and never questioned by anyone that a potential husband should be from a specific social class, the same as mine or higher and of the same ethnic group as me. He also had to be older than me because that meant he was financially settled and had the capabilities to support me in the way I…

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Fiction’s five most misunderstood mothers

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So maybe there was that incident with the apple. Or the embarrassment at the dance at Netherfield. And trying to rip Beowulf from stem to stern was probably a bit extreme. But really, aren’t some of fiction’s mothers just misunderstood? There are plenty of good mother role models: Marmee in Little Women. Mrs. Miniver. Mrs. Lancaster in The Fault In Our Stars. But are the “wicked” moms really so bad? Or are they victims of bad publicity? Maybe they just need a second look: Regina Mills, Mayor of Storybrooke, Maine a.k.a. Snow White’s Stepmother, aka Wicked Queen Once Upon A Time For a do-it-all modern mother, look no farther than Mayor Regina Mills. Regina might have a problem with jealousy,…

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What’s a Parisian maman-to-be to do? Cara Black on Paris and motherhood

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by Cara Black It’s never easy for Parisienne Aimée Leduc, especially with a baby bump in the humid summer when World Cup Fever overtakes Paris in 1998. Not only is Aimée attracted to bad boys, her ankles swell and she’s scaling down to kitten heels instead of her Louboutins. Then there are her cravings for cornichons and kiwis and finding the perfect crème to prevent stretch marks. What’s a Parisian maman-to-be to do? Like many in her condition, it’s time to think ahead to balancing a bébe, work, and how to childproof a 17th-century apartment with archaic plumbing, and electricity last updated at the turn of the 1900s. Time for her find another place to store her Glock—she’s a licensed…

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