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The Hype About New Psycho Thriller And Its Debut Author

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It’s one of the most talked about books, included on every list of recommendations, no matter what the occasion. Tangerine, the psychological thriller by debut author Christine Mangan, is not only beautifully written prose, but electric in imagery. Taking place in Tangier, Morocco, in the 1950s, the novel is vivid and full of heat, winding the characters up tighter and tighter as events around them begin to fall apart, only adding further to the feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety that are the hallmarks of every great thriller. Alice and Lucy used to be best friends and roommates, practically inseparable. But after an accident, the two haven’t spoken in over a year – which is why Alice is so startled when Lucy shows…

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Mikkel Rosengaard’s Debut, ‘The Invention of Ana’ is a Surreal Reinvention of Classic Literary Fiction

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Having spent the majority of his writing carer focusing on short stories and non-fiction pieces, Mikkel Rosengaard is finally making the jump from writer to novelist. His debut work, The Invention of Ana, is a uniquely stunning novel with a surreal dreamlike quality— reminiscent of a distant memory that only adds to the reader’s enjoyment of this work. On a Brooklyn rooftop in spring, our narrator, freshly arrived from Copenhagen and working as an art intern who wants to be a writer, meets Ana Ivan.  Ana is a mathematician and artist who is as intriguing and fierce as she is independent, but, as Ana confesses, she’s also bad luck— she comes from a cursed Romanian lineage. Soon the intern finds himself enthralled…

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