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All You Need Is Love: 20 New Book Releases Just In Time for Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we’re making it easy to celebrate love, with your love of books! Our list of new releases for this week are all love stories – and because love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, we have a pretty diverse group of books for you. Some focus on romantic and erotic love, others on the love of family and friends. We’re celebrating LGBTQ love, forbidden love, love of self, and lost-love-found-again; Wallis In Love, one of the favorite new releases looks at how the love-life of the Duchess of Windsor actually changed the entire monarchy. Because some love stories don’t end happily, we have some books of those, too. Take a look below at our list of…

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Mikkel Rosengaard’s Debut, ‘The Invention of Ana’ is a Surreal Reinvention of Classic Literary Fiction

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Having spent the majority of his writing carer focusing on short stories and non-fiction pieces, Mikkel Rosengaard is finally making the jump from writer to novelist. His debut work, The Invention of Ana, is a uniquely stunning novel with a surreal dreamlike quality— reminiscent of a distant memory that only adds to the reader’s enjoyment of this work. On a Brooklyn rooftop in spring, our narrator, freshly arrived from Copenhagen and working as an art intern who wants to be a writer, meets Ana Ivan.  Ana is a mathematician and artist who is as intriguing and fierce as she is independent, but, as Ana confesses, she’s also bad luck— she comes from a cursed Romanian lineage. Soon the intern finds himself enthralled…

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