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Midnight in Paris

New Coffee Table Book Goes Behind the Scenes of Woody Allen’s Films

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Woody Allen is a critically-acclaimed film maker, and a controversial public figure. Known for his films that, while considered romantic, have a tendency to be psychoanalyses of the modern world, his films are instantly recognizable for their motifs and style, often full of self-deprecation. In leading film critic Jason Solomon’s coffee table book Woody Allen Film by Film, the themes, styles, and cultural impact of Allen’s films are discussed in detail, providing a comprehensive view of the films beyond more than just what’s seen on the screen. In addition, each and every Woody Allen film, from the first film in the 1960s, to 2015’s Irrational Man is given an in-depth history, of inspiration, influence, and impact. The coffee table book not only gives…

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Hemingway to Capote: Watching Our Favorite Writers Come to Life On-Screen

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Writers have a long history of showing up as characters in films. Sometimes those writers are real people interacting with history (like Hemingway!), and sometimes they’re made up characters, showing us exactly how Hollywood imagines the concept of the writer. Regardless, these writers usually have certain traits in common: they’re often tortured by their art, they prefer to be isolated from society in some way, and they LOVE whiskey. Of course, these are broad generalizations, and sometimes we do see writers who are mentally stable, well adjusted, and finding success without also finding a drinking problem – though it’s admittedly pretty rare. But no matter how a writer is portrayed, we’re always happy to see them on the screen. It…

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