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Fictional Bookshelf: What Members of Congress Might be Reading This Weekend

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In this turbulent political climate, we all have a sharp eye on Congress as they shape national policies that will affect us all for years to come.  But, with all that hard work, we worry about what about how they’re reading in their downtime. We hope that our leaders are prolific readers, turning to literature for answers and insights, but since we can’t get a look at their bookshelves with our own eyes, we are left to imagine what reads they turn to when bargaining across party lines becomes too much to handle. Here are the books we like to think members of Congress cozy up to on weekends: Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff Wolff’s…

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7 Donald Trump Books Written By Authors from Both Sides

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A lot has been said about our POTUS, Donald J. Trump—some of it good, much of it terrible, and a whole lot in between. But whether you’re Red or Blue, it’s impossible to deny his hold over the American public (nay, the entire world). His brash ‘all-Americanness’ and decidedly unpresidential behavior is something his supporters and his detractors simply can’t look away from. Like our Twitter feeds and television screens, bookstore shelves are also bursting with tales of Trump. Countless authors have offered their two cents—but which books are most worth reading? From biographies written by his closest friends to the read-of-the-moment, Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, we’ve included a balanced selection of the best Donald Trump books to help…

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Just the Right Book: Chloe Benjamin on ‘The Immortalists’

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If you knew the date of your death, how would you live your life? This is the premise of Chloe Benjamin’s second novel The Immortalists, which was hailed “2018’s First Must-Read” by Entertainment Weekly. Just the Right Book Podcast caught up with the self-proclaimed “midwest convert” right before her book tour and she dished on an array of topics including religion, ballet, magic and her latest novel which may be coming to the small screen. Benjamin even tells Roxanne whether she would choose to know the date of her death if she could. And stay tuned after the conversation with Chloe to hear the latest book recommendations from Lori Fazio, the COO of RJ Julia in Madison, CT. Books in…

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