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BookTrib Q&A: Radio Host Michael Hart Discusses the America You Won’t Find in History Books

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The United States has a pretty interesting history, but some of it has faded into relative obscurity with far too many facts and histories left unknown. Fortunately, radio host Michael Hart’s book, Unknown America: Myths and Little Known Oddities about the Greatest Nation on Earth (Vol. 1) is full of facts, stories, and more about the history of the US that have become pretty unknown. Here, he talked with BookTrib about favorite overlooked facts, Claudette Colvin, historical inaccuracies, and more. BookTrib: This book is filled with hundreds of details of little known facts, misconceptions, myths and stories about the United States. How long did it take you to compile all of these together? Michael Hart: Approximately five years. Several of the stories I tell and inaccuracies…

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