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Abs as Flat as a Book – Hottest Men of 2015!

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Last year we treated our readers (and let’s be honest, ourselves) to a little present—the killer abs of the 10 hottest men of 2014. We’ve been pretty guilty of turning up the temperature a bit lately with “Olicity” Watch, Battle ‘Ships (can we blame Rachel Carter for global warming?) and of course, Heat Index. So why stop there? To help keep the roads free of ice over the holidays, we present our second annual Abs as Flat as a Book: the hottest men of 2015. Consider it a present AND a public service. Happy Holidays – You’re welcome! Adam Driver Intergalactic bad boy Adam Driver wowed us in Star Wars VIII. Not only is he easy on the eyes, but…

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Four Quartets Better Than the Fantastic Four

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Friday marks the opening of Fantastic Four, the latest movie version of the publication that launched the Silver Age of Comics, which established Marvel as a major force in the medium, and began the decades-long run of the periodical that billed itself as “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!” What made FF such a classic? Was it how much we loved the characters—Reed Richard’s nerdiness, Johnny Storm’s fiery personality, Sue Storm’s sweetness or Ben Grimm’s heart of gold? Was it their cool powers? After all, who wouldn’t want to streak across the sky, leaving a trail of flames in their wake? Or turn invisible? Or have the strength of 100 men? Or…stretch like Reed? (OK, the stretching thing has always been…

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