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6 Reasons River Song’s Return to Doctor Who is Epic

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Every Doctor Who fan has a favorite companion. From the tough-as-nails-Amy Pond to the sweet-and-clever-Clara Oswald, countless women — and a few men —¬†have strolled through those TARDIS doors. But my favorite isn’t even technically a companion; no, she’s too busy having her own adventures to need some man to show her the universe. I’m talking about Alex Kingston‘s River Song, aka Melody Pond, aka the Doctor’s Wife. Which is why I screamed out loud when I heard that she’s returning for the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year,¬†alongside the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Flirty and brash and ridiculously in love with the Doctor, River Song is a bit polarizing in the Doctor Who community. But for each of the…

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