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Wonderland: Steven Johnson on How Play Shaped the Modern World

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What you are reading now is made possible by either a computer or mobile device that connects to WiFi or a hotspot. With little thought, you may check your text messages, email and social media for updates.  None of this was possible 25 years ago as these things did not exist or were in their infancy and only afforded to the super-rich. Still, we are so dependent on these modern marvels that to be away from them, even for just a moment, is difficult. We all take the world around us— the advances and accomplishments— for granted some of the time. Of course Google is a thing, everyone knows what Google is (honestly, it’s just almost all the information in the…

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3 TV Shows and a Book for Those Who Like Fairytales on the Grimm Side

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I like my fairy tales like I like my men: dark and mysterious with just a hint of danger. Ha! OK, maybe that’s a little over-the-top, but with all the rebooted fairy tales popping up lately, it’s hard not to get caught up in the more mature retellings of our favorite childhood stories. While there will always be a place for the bubble-gum sweetness of Disney, I’ll gladly take a modern dark and twisted fairy tale that harkens back to the, well, dark and twisted Grimm original. Even television isn’t immune to the dark fairy tale trend. Here are three shows —and one book! — that you should be binging every time you’re looking for a little tortured true love…

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