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Cool Days, Hot Nights: Our Top 10 Historical Romances for November

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Now that it’s officially November, the days are getting colder and the trees are bare and waiting for snow. For us at Booktrib, cold days are made for cozy afternoons spent curled up on the couch, sipping hot chocolate and reading a great book. Even better if that book happens to be a steamy romance novel (hey, we need something to help warm us up). This month we have historical romances on the brain, from dukes and lords to cowboys on the range. It doesn’t matter the era – whether they feature kilts or top hats, we can’t get enough of love stories set in the distant past. Here are 10 historical romances coming out in November that are guaranteed…

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Jonesin’ For a Fix: Books for TV Addicts — Jane the Virgin Edition

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When I first heard the premise to The CW’s Jane the Virgin, I rolled my eyes and mentally wrote it off. A virgin gets accidentally knocked up? Count me out. I’m a romance novel (and TV) junkie, and I’ve read/watched enough ‘surprise pregnancy’ tropes to know that it’s not my cup of tea. But then I saw the cute trailer… And I decided to at least give the show a try. Two seasons later, I am 100 percent, officially hooked. Yes, there is an accidental pregnancy. But Jane the Virgin is also hilarious, quick, romantic-as-hell and just plain awesome. It’s like nothing I’ve ever watched before, blending traditional romance with over-the-top telenovela-style drama. But the show is highly aware of the campiness,…

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