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The Top 5 Greatest Author Feuds

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All authors are protective of their work, and we can’t imagine what it’s like to go head-to-head with another author who doesn’t like your work and has no problem telling you so. But not only has this happened, there have been feuds between some pretty famous authors, including literary greats Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. Take a look at the top five author feuds in recent history: they might just surprise you! Sign up NOW for exclusive BookTrib news, interviews and giveaways!

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11 Unforgettable Female Friendships in Literature

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Celebrate the unsung heroine of books: friendship. Though Valentine’s Day typically evokes the idea of celebrating romantic relationships, it is slowly but surely evolving to include friendship as well, with the cheesy, yet appropriate, identifier: Galentine’s Day. Regardless of if you’ll be spending this year with a significant other, these literary female friendships will inspire you to be thankful for those devoted, trustworthy friends who always have your back. In literature, shared experiences—be it living under the same harsh conditions or experiencing love for the first time—form the foundation for female friendship. Whether the story takes place 200 years in the past or here in the 21st century, between mothers and daughters or college girlfriends, one thing remains true in…

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