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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Just the Right Book Podcast 2017 Gift Guide

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Just the Right Book! Podcast, hosted by Roxanne Coady of Connecticut’s acclaimed, award-winning, independent bookseller R.J. Julia, is now available on BookTrib.com, the premier website where readers meet writers. The podcast and BookTrib are both dedicated to helping readers find their next favorite read and this pairing will open up a world of great possibilities. Here at Just the Right Book Podcast, we believe that books are the perfect gift for any occasion! So, we enlisted the help of two of our esteemed experts. This year’s gift guide should help you find the perfect book for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Miriam Sontz, the CEO of the legendary Powell’s Books and Andrew Brennan, the head book buyer for RJ…

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The Silence Breakers: 5 Books Inspired by Time’s Person of the Year

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The 2017 Time Person of the Year was announced last week and it could not have gone to anyone more deserving: the silence breakers. For the past few months, more and more women (and men!) have come forward, sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of some of the most powerful men in our culture. From politicians to movie producers, these people have continually used their power and clout in ways that pressured and compromised those less powerful than them. In the past, women and men who came forward have been shunned, ignored or silenced. But this year, they’ve managed to start a revolution, unseating men from the most prestigious positions and demanding that they be…

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