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Murder, He Wrote: The Night Of-Inspired Summer Reading

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Based solely on the first episode, the new HBO limited series, The Night Of, seems to be equal parts True Detective and NPR’s Serial in the best ways possible. The story follows a young man, Nasir Khan (who goes by Naz) who gets swept into a horrible crime after a night of misguided frivolity with a mysterious, beautiful woman. Naz, a college student, picks her up in his father’s cab on his way to the popular kids’ college party, and has a dreamlike night of sex, drugs and odd drunken knife games before waking up to a nightmare: the woman’s body has been stabbed to death in bed next to him. Naz, who clearly doesn’t watch a lot of Law & Order, flees…

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Leonardo DiCaprio: From The Basketball Diaries to Serial Killer

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Like a lot of people, my introduction to the seemingly innate brilliance of Leonardo DiCaprio was in the 1995 classic The Basketball Diaries. At that point, DiCaprio was nearing two decades on this planet when he gave what is widely accepted as one of the most beautiful performances by a young actor in the history of American Cinema. The long, storied list of roles that illustrate DiCaprio’s creative prowess would take at least 20 articles to gather. So in the interest of time — and my fingers — let’s just say DiCaprio is his generation’s Marlon Brando. But something Leo — we’re on a first name basis — has only recently dove headlong into is the world of villainy. Calvin Candie…

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How ‘War Babies’ like Al Pacino changed America

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Don’t look now, but a new generation of Americans is taking over—taking over our politics, our lives and our very culture. That’s right, the Baby Boomers, the group about which so much has been written and discussed, is slowly losing its once iron-clad grip on the way our society is run as it gives way to Generation X. You can see the effects of that change everywhere, from politics to movies to music. And right behind Gen X are the Millennials, waiting to have their turn at the forefront of civilization. There’s a generation, however, upon which our current society was built, a generation without whose contribution America would be a vastly different place. It’s a generation that author and…

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