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Last Minute Shopping Woes Cured: Most Popular Kindle Books Under $15

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Shopping is done and holiday gifts have been either wrapped or gifted, but just as you’re congratulating yourself for that accomplishment and not going over budget you realize you forgot a few names! How do you get those last minute gifts quickly and not break the bank? E-books! These make the greatest gifts and Kindle has a number of the most popular books of 2017 that you can send for download under $15. Here’s just a smattering of the offers on Kindle. Fiction The Midnight Line: A Jack Reacher Novel, Lee Child How far would you go to return something to somebody that you discovered in a pawn shop? This is exactly the adventure Jack Reacher takes in this Lee Child…

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Just the Right Book Podcast: Suzanne’s Children, A True Story of Heroism in Nazi-Occupied Paris

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The heroic story of Suzanne Spaak, who risked everything and gave her life to save hundreds of Jewish children from deportation from Nazi-occupied Paris to Auschwitz is one of many untold stories of the Holocaust. This week’s episode of Just the Right Book welcomes author Anne Nelson who tells Spaak’s story in her latest book, Suzanne’s Children: A Daring Rescue in Nazi Paris. The Yale University alum consults with many of the leading US foundations including Gates, Rockefeller, and Carnegie on international media conflict and human rights, was a war correspondent in Latin America and reported from Eastern Europe and Asia for the New York Times, LA Times, BBC, NPR, and PBS. Nelson has now set her considerable wide-ranging skills…

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