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A taste of The Whisky Cabinet

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I am whiskey’s patient friend—but it wasn’t always this way. My relationship with whiskey started out hot and heavy—more a whiskey shooter than a whiskey sipper. Over time, my tastes matured, and I began to savor the slow and smoky sip of my favorite peaty winter-time whiskey, Laphroaig. Mark Bylok understands the complexity that comes with sipping whiskey and recognizes that while it can appear chaotic on the surface, you should never let that turn you away. Indeed, he says that “Like any worthwhile relationship, sometimes things take time.” In Bylok’s definitive guide, The Whisky Cabinet: Your Guide to Enjoying the Most Delicious Whiskies in the World (Whitecap Books Ltd.), he expertly details the jargon associated with whiskey, and the…

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