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10 Pop culture things to be thankful for this year

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Thanksgiving is this week and most of us will spend the next few days stuffing our faces, watching football, and trying to avoid that weird great aunt who’s always asking about your love life. But this is also the holiday where we have a chance to look back over the past year and reflect on what we’re thankful for. Sure, that list includes family and friends and all that, but what about those pop culture moments that we still can’t stop obsessing over? From marriages to movies, here are 10 pop culture things to be thankful for this year: 1. Jamie’s Abs Some of us have been waiting years, and I mean years, for Outlander to make it to the…

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Dining with: Maleficent. A menu fit for Hollywood’s favorite dark fairy

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Our new series, “Dining With,” serves up our favorite books and intensifies the flavor as we journey into the imagined culinary lives of literature’s most compelling characters, concocting menus, dinner parties and other taste-forward scenarios divining what it might be like to dine with our favorite literary icons. In honor of Disney’s Maleficent, our inaugural feature imagines what the world’s most notorious fairy might serve at an intimate party celebrating her film’s premiere. Prone to reclusion and dark sorcery, you might question whether or not Maleficent is a natural hostess. What will happen if you sip that cocktail? Should you worry that every bite might induce a cursed coma? Will you even exit alive? Despite her predilection for evil magic…

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The magnificent Maleficent is the style diva for our time

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Maleficent opened last weekend and pretty much slayed everything else at the box office. Which is fitting, I suppose, as it’s a movie about one of Disney’s most iconic villains. The story shows us another side of Maleficent, the horn-wearing, cape-twirling fairy who curses the lovely Princess Aurora with endless sleep on her 16th birthday. In this new version of the classic tale, Maleficent might still be on the dark side, but she has her reasons – her own true love stole her wings in exchange for power and wealth. Maleficent is protecting her land and her people, and maybe even trying to get a little revenge in the process. The movie is a great spin on a familiar story,…

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