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Novel Concept Episode 10: Mahtob Mahmoody

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Many writers feel drawn to the craft from a young age, while others find themselves with a sensational story to tell. Mahtob Mahmoody grew up with the world knowing her story; her mother is Betty Mahmoody, author of the international best seller, Not Without My Daughter (St. Martin’s Press; 1987). The book, which was later turned into a movie starring Sally Field, tells the story of Betty and Mahtob’s escape from Iran where they were being held by Mahtob’s abusive father. Now, years later, Mahtob finally feels ready to tell her side of the traumatic events in her new memoir, My Name is Mahtob (Thomas Nelson; December 2015). On this episode of Novel Concept, host Rachel Carter and Mahtob discuss…

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Mahtob Mahmoody: An Emotional Journey 30 Years After ‘Not Without My Daughter’

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In 1984, 5-year-old Mahtob Mahmoody and her mother, Betty, found themselves trapped in Iran by their abusive father and husband, Sayed Mahmoody. Through a harrowing journey, they managed to escape and move back to the United States, where they spent years hiding in fear. In part to raise more awareness, Betty wrote a memoir about her experiences, Not Without My Daughter (St. Martin’s Press, October 1987), which became an international phenomenon. Their lives quickly changed and soon they were interviewed by Oprah and a movie of the same name starring Sally Field was released in 1991. It’s been 30 years since she left Iran, but Mahtob can still recall details that would escape most young children. She recently published her first memoir, My Name…

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